Friday, July 4, 2014

Multi-Colored Scribbles Paints on Lime 50 States Half Marathon Club Shirt

Fifty States Half Marathon Club member Colleen Nolan-Dahlstrom's shirt

"I used the 1 FL. OZ bottles of the Scribbles paints. Worked well. I used a toothpick to go around the border's first then a small paintbrush to fill in. Applied 2 coats. Used cardboard in-between shirt but also put waxpaper around the cardboard to prevent the paint from soaking through to the cardboard therefore also preventing it from sticking to the tee after drying. Dries really fast. The 4 orange dots on CA represents 4 different races in CA."


Black 50 States Half Marathon shirt with Pink Tulip Paint

Fifty States Half Marathon Club member Jennifer Danczak Raymo's shirt, .... black shirt with pink Tulip Paint.

"Got around to painting my states. I first tried using paint pens in white and after drying the color turned grey. My SIL suggested a different color. I decided on pink using Tulip paint. I really like how it turned out and makes the green lines really pop! I hope by the end of the year I will be painting in GA, IA, CO, VA & MD!"

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

50 States Challenge Club Shirt Safety Green/Yellow with Blue Fabric Paint

Another Color for Ideas.  This is the Fifty States Half Marathon club member Laurie Holmes McDowell's Safety Green/Yellow color shirt with a blue fabric paint.

Notes from Laurie:
"I used Scribbles 3D Fabric Paint in Shiny Bright Blue. I used a toothpick to spread it. Also you need to put newspaper or cardboard between the front and back of the shirt so it doesn't bleed through while the paint is wet."

Scribbles 3D Fabric paint in Bright Shiny Blue

50 States Half Marathon Club Safety Green/Yellow Color Shirt with Pink Dimensional Fabric Paint

This is Lenora Sizemore Hagerman's Safety Green/Yellow club shirt with Dimensional Fabric Paint (Tulip brand) in Fluorescent Pink from Hobby Lobby.

Lenora's Notes:
This is after 4 hrs drying time. Very different from the jacket. One Coat here.

Fabric Markers on the Safety Green/Yellow Club Shirts .... do bleed a bit

Here is Fifty States Half Marathon Club member Lidia Baca's shirt.

Her notes:
"I used fabric markers purchased at Michaels, they come in a set. Colors bleed a bit."

More Colors on the 50 States Half Marathon Club Shirt - Ideas for Color Choices

More 50 States half marathon member creativity - love the color choices for the black shirt! Fifty States Half Marathon Club member Ali Levering's shirt.  Ali used the Scribbles 3D Fabric paint along with a paint brush:

There is another pack (not seen here that has the purple and pink colors in the pack).