Monday, June 30, 2014

50 States Half Marathon Shirt - Acrylic paints with the States Numbered

This shirt is 50 States Half Marathon Challenge Finisher Laura Qualman's shirt.

Here are Laura's Notes:  "I used acrylic paints with a fabric medium. The total weight of the asst. colors is only 1oz and the medium is 2oz. You mix it 2 to 1 and if I recall correctly the entire amount of the color is 3/4 tsp so you add 3/8 tsp of medium. I even have some green left over and plenty of all the other colors. The blue is actually darker but a flash makes it a real pretty blue. As for the numbers, I found my favorite font and printed numbers 1-50 in various sizes, cut out the one that fit the best in the state, taped it to the inside of the shirt as my guide. And you do heat set it after a couple drying days which is super easy with a low iron. PLMK if you need any other pointers. And you do not notice a difference with the new paint."

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